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External Player

Thank you for reading this.

I kindly ask of the mod/developer team to inform me of the following: (if possible)

-Is there any bonus for getting your friends/other people to play on the server. (or at least Russian language on the site)

-Is this a Russian server? as I saw a lot of Russians

-Is it p2w like PWI or just cosmetics/etc?

I am looking forward to your reply.

Have an amazing rest of the day and stay healthy!
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External Player
Hello Nashkan!

Perhaps i can shed some light on some of your questions:

-Is there any bonus for getting your friends/other people to play on the server.
At This current time, we have NOT implemented a reward system for referrals.

-Is this a Russian server?
The Server has many players from all over the world as well as many different languages. In our discord, we have implemented dedicated servers for specific countries and languages. Feel free to join us by going to the main forum page, and select the Join Our Discord option.

-Is it p2w like PWI or just cosmetics/etc?
This is not a server where players can level up quickly or get what they want by donating. Although we do have a player-run auction/gold house within the game where you may buy and sell gold with in-game currency. The Botique does offer high speed flyers and mounts, as well as refinement items, and Training Esoterica which gives a 50% xp boost for 1 hour, Fashion for male and female characters, HP/MP Charms, pets and several other items, but nothing that will give you an immediate edge in the game.

We DO have Player and Holiday reward bonuses as well as login reward system on the in-game calendar that offers items such as these Training Esoterica, HP/MP Charms, Teles and more.
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