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About ExternalPW 1.3.6 - x1

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External Player
Server info:

  • Game version - 1.3.6.
  • 3 Races: Human, Untamed, Winged Elves.
  • Rates - Exp х1, Sp х1, Money х1, Drop х1.
  • Max. Level - 105.
  • Final gear - 99set, Lunar, 8 Rank.
  • Dungeons: 19-109

  • Anti-cheat and DDoS attacks server protection
  • The game server is located in one of the stablest data centers
  • All skills and quests match 1.3.6 version
  • There is no items that affect the balance in the Boutique (rare stuff / dragon orbs)
  • In-game optimization for weak computers
  • The game server works 24/7
  • Round-the-clock user support and stable online staff & support team
  • Disabled flyers on the territorial war, no genies and other stuff
  • Fashion shop with fitting room
  • Faction policy for create allies or enemies
  • Features from the newer client versions:
❖ autopath
❖ tab targeting
❖ convenient task search: you can view all quests available to you
❖ displaying the number of remaining mobs and bosses
❖ linking items, that you own can be shown in chat to other players
❖ there is a fashion wardrobe and warehouse for quest items
also you can set and edit your hotkeys in the game settings
and more other useful features

Not open for further replies.
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