A hello from old Dreamweaver


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Hi, I used to play on Dreamweaver, had an archer lvl 103, then decided to quit the game once the pay to win became the "trend" around half 2013. I have fond memories of the earlier days, grouping together with total strangers to do some tough for our lvls quests, but we had tons of fun. I still remember going into FBs or TT later on, we did our best to kill them bosses, as they did their best to kill us. It was a blast, even if we were so now and then all dead and the cleric had to run back to res us when we didn't have any res scrolls with us. As said, I gave up when people just joined, went from lvl 1 to 100 within days or weeks, wereas it had taken us older players sometimes years. and I began to miss the fun with friends and the faction I was in at the time. I have not looked back to PWI for a long long time, but now I have a new pc, I wondered how things were with old PWI. I played 2 weeks, played the new classes. It's still the P2W stuff, a bit worser than when I stopped all those years ago, and even faction invitations or friendships are hard and rare to find. You need to be 100 at least with epic equipment to be considered for an instance run, something I'm not willing to pay for honestly. Now I found this server and I hope that its much much better than old PWI and even more fun. Even if I don't manage to get friends, I always like to see that people are enjoying fun on world chat (and hope that old Duke's mouth has been taped shut). Cya maybe soon in the External world somewhere!


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Know the feeling, it's nice to share the same nostalgia vibes with other people. Looking forward to see you on the server!
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