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Discussion 40-60 Gear


External Player
Hi guys, any tips on which quests to do for some decent level 40-60 gear? We're thinking we might need something a bit more robust than the starter gear in order to farm TT1-1 and TT1-2!



External Player
I would highly recommend molds than TT70 gears, they are not worth the time you spend on farmimg them. Better farm some coins/chips and get some molds. For lvl 60+ you start getting a lot of choices, and they have def better stats and will last longer than the tt70/80. About weapons, for all classes there's also molds.

Arcane Classes: Sakyamuni's Light
Heavy Classes: Calamity Axes
Archers: Wind and the Clouds

For a higher grade weps you would need to farm low TT's, tho you will be stronger and they will be easier. So in conclusion, please dont waste ur time farming tt70/80 on lower lvls. Focus on lvling, start to worry about gear after 90ish.
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