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  1. Katherine

    Hello Everyone!!

  2. Katherine

    introducing myself

  3. Katherine

    Introduce myself - Steven

  4. Katherine

    Hi there I introduce myselft

  5. Katherine


    Hi! Hope you enjoy the game so far!
  6. Katherine


  7. Katherine

    Just introducing myself.. o.O

    Welcome! Hope you're good and enjoy the game!
  8. Katherine

    Hello from Romania :)

    Hi Flo! I am also from Romania! Hope you're good and enjoying the game! :pigflower:
  9. Katherine

    Hey from PAWA!

    Hi there, Princess! Hope you are safe and enjoy the game! :pigsmile: :giggle:
  10. Katherine

    Hello from Romania!

    Hi, I started to play on this server few days ago, so far I like it. My name in game is Katherine, you can feel free to add and we can play/help each other. I am a lv 34 cleric. Take care and stay safe guys! :pigsmile:
  11. Katherine

    🎲 Count to 100. Round 6!

    Hi there, how are you? I want to thank you for everything you do for players! You are very nice! ;) 2
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