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  1. Megan770

    Highrate x10 Vravrona Guild

    A Welcoming Guild Come and go as you like. its a place to call home. All Levels are welcome..
  2. Megan770

    Highrate x10 Changing from demon to sage Account megan2 player MeGaN

    The mold i bought for 25 gold is not working to change from demon to sage the npc does not have a place to convert the mold with the 200 mirage stones, can i get you help on this please.
  3. Megan770

    🔥 High-rate x10 Update v41

    Without DQ drops to sell at npc ..u cant make Coins unless you donate or do zen party's .. then it would be called a Pay to win server.... atm you can farm and earn in game coins. without DQ income it be close to imposable to to play for people that don't have the money to put in to a game, and...
  4. Megan770

    What was your first version of PW?

    Cubi Zone 2004 beta and 2005 china ver. before it came to the USA no english was my first server and my first time being a GM
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