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    Highrate x10 Letters over?

    12::20 EST 4-15-21 I see letter hunt is over, but my treasure hunt book says 16 days and 4 hours left. Guess that means something else. I have 12 sets left, turned in 12 others. Should i save them for a possible redo of the event or toss for needed space. My other account char has like 21...
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    Highrate x10 Spring Blossom Rewards

    So proud of myself. for a short time. Got 240 petals on my Archer (only messed up and got 20 on Veno), and wanted to get a little giddy-up on my wings, then move on to pet for Veno. The pride vanished when I noticed the Blossom Ticket was for "flyers".. Buy then choose class. Oops, guess that...
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    Highrate x10 Boutique questions, and other stuff.

    I haven't played in like 9-10 years, and noticed some changes and forgot a lot, happens when get very old.... questions.. 1) some items are gone from boutique. Specifically Account Storage Stone is not mentioned in the shop, but is in in game play. Will it be available or am I regulated to...
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