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  1. Heaven

    Introducing myself

    Welcome RoShike!
  2. Heaven

    Saying hello o/

    Welcome Summer Pearl!
  3. Heaven

    🗨️ CHAT Trivia Event

    Explanation: This event consists of 5-10 rounds of questions being asked in World Chat after a Broadcast announcing the start of the event. First player to pm the GM holding the event with the correct answer gets the reward. Rules: The answer must be provided via pm to the GM directly. The same...
  4. Heaven

    🎲 Count to 100. Round 9!

  5. Heaven

    🛡️ PvE Event Perfect Couple

    Explanation: You will find the love of your life! In this event, you will have to try to be the most romantic or most funny person. The hosting GM will ask singles to whisper him for the event. Then he will teleport the singles to his location. As soon as everyone arrived, the GM will split all...
  6. Heaven

    ⚔️ PvP Event GM Hunt

    Explanation: In this event, you have to find the GM using the tips that he will give during the event. The GM holding the event teleports to a random location on the map and the proceeds to give out hints as to where he is. Hints will be posted on the ExternalPW discord or in the ingame chat...
  7. Heaven

    🛡️ PvE Event Perfect Competition

    Explanation: The GM holding the event will announce the start of the event in chat. The first 12 Players to whisper to the event holding GM, will get teleported to the GM. The GM will then pick 2 team captains, who have to pick one player each, turn by turn. As soon as both teams are...
  8. Heaven

    🛡️ PvE Event Fashion Event

    Explanation: As soon as the hosting GM announces the event, players have 15 minutes time to put on their prettiest, funniest, weirdest or generally best looking fashion. After 15 minutes, the players need to go the elder of Etherblade City. The GM holding the event will ask the players to line...
  9. Heaven

    ⚔️ PvP Event PvP Arena Event

    Explanation: A Game Master will announce the start of the Event, including the level range(may vary each time) 10 minutes before it starts. After 10 minutes the first 12 players (or less), from the prior announced lvl range, to whisper the GM with "+", will be teleported into the Archosaur...
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