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  1. palionu

    🔥 High-rate x10 About Highrate X10

    great, thanks!
  2. palionu

    Classic x1 Crafting materials

    is there a way to add level limits to what materials would be available in the boutique? when I was the right level to level the materials for level 4 crafting, i was too weak to farm them and now that I can safely farm them, the monsters are 10+ levels below me. I play from North America so the...
  3. palionu

    Hello everyone!

    Newish player. Member of Imaginary. Currently trying to reach level 70 on my venomancer named Asuna. pm me in game and say hello :)
  4. palionu

    🔥 High-rate x10 About Highrate X10

    okay. i think i just started when everyone was anticipating the switch to the high rate server. i post a message in world and there is no reply for 1 hour+ so it feels a little discouraging, that is all. I heard the discord server is private. is there a way i can join?
  5. palionu

    🔥 High-rate x10 About Highrate X10

    will we be able to transfer characters to the high rate server? sorry if this has been asked already.
  6. palionu

    Classic x1 Better promotion to North America

    an entire untapped market exists in North America. I feel like I am one of very few from North America that currently play as the entire server is asleep during my gaming hours. I would like to have people to co-op with and talk to. Are there plans on promoting this server to other areas?
  7. palionu

    Classic x1 Umm... what is this? around 599, 510

    found after maintenance tonight/today (10pm PST).
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