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    Just introducing myself.. o.O

    Hi all, I am RuneClaws from PW External Low Rate and I will be joining the High-Rate server for some time. I have played PWI: Lost City Server after anniversary update 10-11 years ago and later played a private server before it shut down shortly. Years after no play, I wanted to experience this...
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    Highrate x10 Faction Bank Manager

    Hello, Is it possible to implement Faction Bank in-game? This is available in the later versions with Faction base however, I think having a Faction Bank would be cool without the base of course where the leader can delegate who can access etc. This will also stop from multiple accounts and...
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    Classic x1 Dailies please..

    Hello, I understand from the last response that the following dailies would be considered with lower EXP and Spirit. Delicious Soup, Critical Repair, South Barrier Village Crisis, Patrol the Streams and Vengeful Troops. Please can we consider them for the next update? Thanks,
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    Classic x1 Bounty Hunter and Bosses

    Hello, Please can we look into implementing alternating BH Boss's so that it is not the same one almost every day? This should allow us to stack BH's every week considering it is difficult to get a squad nowadays and that means we miss out on exp, rewards etc Can we also introduce BH II every...
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    Classic x1 Molds and Name

    Hello, Please can we consider introducing some more attainable/unattainable molds in-game for next update? The last update GM's added some already farmable molds but were helpful for low levels and was wondering if we can have a few more added. It does not have to necessarily be via chips. Here...
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    Game feedback and suggestion

    Hello, I can see that this server has declined in terms of users and activity and it becoming difficult to do a lot of things such as BH etc. Please can you share a roadmap of upcoming updates? Perfect World nostalgia is kind of dead is now nothing but a memory and the grind is very...
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    Classic x1 Voting and High Server Rate

    Hi, I have some questions and suggestions. Please can we have an update on the high server rate? I personally think this will have more numbers than the classic server. We have over 5000 accounts and have never seen 200 people online, either most quit and others are alts. I think it is worth...
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    Classic x1 Bounty Hunter

    Can we remove all bounty hunters except the one in middle of Arch? Considering the number of players, it would be good to have it in once place. I remember when I played over 10 years ago, there used to be cat shops and people forming squads etc
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    Classic x1 Classic Mounts and Flyers

    Hi, I wanted to suggest the idea to lower the cost of classic mounts and flyers as they are too expensive. From what I remember, all the best classic flyers were maxed 30 gold (for e.g. Astral Melody) and likewise, the mounts were cheaper. Thanks,
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