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  1. Sushi

    Unable to buy items from shop

    Hey @nurfed93, You have to launch your game using the launcher and update your client to the current version.
  2. Sushi

    Update Update v72

    - Increased Mysterious Chips in the reward for BH 90+ - Characters with level 90+ can now exchange their Mysterious chips for Warsoul Tag (at the rate 3:1) These changes is temporary until a tournament event for level 90+ characters is returned. - Summer Sale in the Boutique Check out our new...
  3. Sushi

    Error when launching game

    Hey @athrea, Your antivirus or Windows Defender may prevent the downloading of files in the game launcher. But you have an updated version of the client that does not require updates Why are you verifying game files?
  4. Sushi

    Update Update v71

    - Slightly changed the loot from the WBs The harder the boss, the higher the reward - Summer Sale in the Fashion Shop Check out our new discounts on the fashion style sets - Now you can find the Harpy Wraith at these coords 260 823. - Fixed a bug with same-sex marriage, which could happen...
  5. Sushi


    Hey You have to select "Log in using Facebook" in the login window But this only works for the forum. To register an account for the game, you must register an account using this link:
  6. Sushi

    Important! Support a creator program

    Broadcaster support program will be paused on June 29. Partners will receive gold for the last week (June 22-28) also on Monday, June 29th.
  7. Sushi

    Online Store

    Hey @kingleojayyy, Not yet But instead, there is a store right in the game. But for purchases in it, you need to transfer your coins from the User Panel to gold for Boutique in the game.
  8. Sushi

    server error. please log off and try again

    @nama2, please use the second method from this topic and copy the report to me in the Discord or on the forum
  9. Sushi

    Project Rules

    13.06.20: Updated note to the rule 3.12
  10. Sushi

    server error. please log off and try again

    Hey @nama2, Have you had this error before? And what's your ping in the game?
  11. Sushi

    Update Update v69-70

    - Temporarily removed PvP event from 90+ We believe, that it would help stop the gap from growing between high-level and other players High level players supported us with this change. - Changes in the Nature Forge: Skill Books: Reduced required mysterious pages for a random Demon/Sage skill...
  12. Sushi

    Useful F.A.Q. Cryptocurrency Donations

    Hey all Today we would like to answer your questions about donations with cryptocurrency
  13. Sushi

    Unable too properly see npc

    This is a normal range of view, it's restricted by the game itself You can see the NPC model further than his name But if you want to know his name, just hover over him
  14. Sushi

    Unable too properly see npc

    Hey buddy Have you checked you optimization settings? (the button above your HP/MP status bar) Also, you can verify your files in the game launcher Perhaps it might help you
  15. Sushi

    Various questions

    Hey @Zekhar, Yeah, you can get it with a 20% chance, but firstly you have to dig a chest. There is no montly race yet. Perhaps we will add it in the next updates So far, there are no such plans.
  16. Sushi

    Update Mini-update v68

    - Changed some prices in the Black Market (the first "Secret Treasures Hunt Event" will be hosted tomorrow) - Reduced Tower Aegis Disciple's respawn time - Some UI fixes - Some small adjustments Please, help us by answering here
  17. Sushi

    Black Market Item Showcase

    Item Showcase
  18. Sushi

    Black Market Item Showcase

    After the update v66, you may see a new resources in the game, such as Gold Coin and Silver Coin :pigmoney: What is it? This is a special currency that can earn by finding treasures in the game. But to participate in the Treasure Hunt Event, you must win the lottery on our Facebook page first...
  19. Sushi

    Anniversary Update v66

    Hello everyone! It's been 6 months since the server was opened and we just would like to thank all of you for keep staying with us We've prepared a special update and some pleasant surprises for you: Gather your friends and get ready for double the fun in External World... 2X Weekend Event is...
  20. Sushi

    Important! Support program for factions

    Hello everyone We are launching a new support program whereby faction leaders can help their members who have recently joined the server. And from now, factions leaders can send an application to @Sushi (or in the Discord to Sushi#3688) for getting a one-time bonus It will depend on how many...
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