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    introducing myself

    Mine doesn't. HHAHAHA But it's still fine. And I like playing. At least it looks nice. =D
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    🏆 Competition Race to level 100

    Congratulations dude!
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    introducing myself

    Nice! I play guitar too. Mine is a SG Strimberg. Very cheap one :cry:
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    introducing myself

    I'm guessing you play guitar. Am I right?
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    Welcome everybody!

    Hi ! Nice character!
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    Hey There!

    Hi! The Old Perfect World feels like home for me!
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    Hello / BonJour

    Hello! Welcome bro!
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    Hi there I introduce myselft

    Nice to meet you Arianne! I have a cousin with that name!
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    Hello from Romania :)

    Hi Flo! Cheers from Brazil!
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    Hello! Ahoj!

    Hello mate! Cheers from Brazil!
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    Hello Everyone!!

    Hi Violet! Welcome!
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    Just introducing myself.. o.O

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    Hi Ludiciel! I'm also new. Played the low rate server for a while and now i'm here.
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    Highrate x10 Suggestions for the Highrate Server

    I feel that this server is quite good. I've played the low rate server, and I have to say: It's soooo good not to worry about coins. Being able to buy charms, use teleport freely, having some nice speed flys and so on, add to the feeling of playing a high rate server.
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    Introduce yourself :D

    Hello! My name is Edmundo and I'm from Brazil. Played the low rate server for a while and now i'm back for the high rate! My nick in game is Hirako
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