Highrate features


Server version is 1.3.6
3 Races: Untamed, Winged Elves, Human
Exp/SP: x10
Coins: x2
Drop: x2
Dungeons: 19-109
Maximum level: 105
Stable game client with choice of UI theme.


Anti-cheat and DDoS attacks server protection.
The game server is located in one of the stablest data centers.
Round-the-clock user support and stable online staff & support team.
In-game optimization, smart auto-path, faction policy and new UI features.
Start equipment, supply stash and other stuff useful for beginners.
Features from later expansions new to 1.3.6 gameplay such as title system, genies and 79/100 skills.
A lot of fashion, mounts, flyers and other cosmetics.
New daily quests and events.
The game server works 24/7.


Dragon Temple City of Abominations Tournament Event Archosaur Invasion Trivia Event Jungle Ruins Territorial Wars Nation Wars Snake Isle Race


Rank 8
★Demonhunter - 100 level
★Robe - 100 level
★Plate - 100 level

Twilight Temple gear
★Lionheart's Power - 99 level
★Ashura's Power - 99 level
★Archangel's Power - 99 level

Lunar gear
★Phoenix Dance - 95 level
★Buddha Light War - 95 level
★Solar Flash - 95 level


Snake Island Race - everyday, starts at 12:30 PM and 9:30 PM server time.
Trivia Event - every Monday, starts at 9:00 PM server time.
Dragon Temple - every Tuesday, starts at 8:30 PM server time.
Forest Ruins - every Sunday, starts at 3:00 PM server time.
City of Abominations - every Wednesday, starts at 9:00 PM server time.
Tournament Event - every Thursday, starts at 8:00 PM server time.
Nation Wars - every Friday and Sunday at 8:20 PM server time.
Archosaur Invasion - occurs on holidays, informed by GMs in advance.
Territorial Wars - from Friday to Sunday at 8:00 PM server time.
Event - every day, anytime.