Features Classic


Server version is 1.3.6
3 Races: Untamed, Winged Elves, Human
Exp/SP: x1
Money: x1
Drop: x1
Dungeons: 19-109
Maximum level: 105
A stable and convenient Game Client with a choice of Interfaces.


Anti-cheat: protection against bots, clickers and any other unauthorized software.
The game server is located in one of the most stable data centers.
Permanent user support and stable online by the responsive project team for moderating the game world and forum.
Convenient auto path for the all Quests.
Wardrobe for styles.
Skills are studied in the skills window (on the R button).
There is the possibility of changing gender and nickname.
All skills match 1.3.6 version.
The game server operates 24/7/365, with the exception of the planned technical work / game updates, which are announced in the site news.


Dragon Temple City of Abominations. Thursday Night Fights. The Battle of Archosaur. City Arena. Twilight Temple. Insularum Valley. Forgotten Frostland. Valley of Reciprocity. Secret Hive.


Equipments of 8 Rank.
★Demonhunter - 100 level
★Robe - 100 level
★Plate - 100 level

Equipments of Twilight Temple.
★Lionheart's Power - 99 level
★Ashura's Power - 99 level
★Archangel's Power - 99 level

Equipments of Moon.
★Phoenix Dance - 95 level
★Buddha Light War - 95 level
★Solar Flash - 95 level


Horse Racing on Snake Island - Daily, starting at 12:30 and 21:30.
Ashura`s Hollow - Mondays and Fridays, start at 18:30.
Temple of the Dragon - Every Tuesday, beginning at 20:30.
Forest Ruins - Every Tuesday, beginning at 20:30.
Fighters of Abominations - Every Wednesday, beginning at 21:00.
The Tournament - Every Thursday, beginning at 20:00.
Mini Siege of the City of Dragons - Every Saturday, beginning at 16:00.
Chests at Dragon City Arena - On Saturdays, beginning at 17:30.
Siege of the City of Dragons - Every Sunday, beginning at 18:00.
Territorial War - Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 14:00 and 20:00.